Double checking something is right is something most of us will do when we are planning any important event. Before we book a hotel for a short break – we take a quick look at the Trip Advisor reviews. Before exploring our purchase options for a new car, we see how the dealership scores on Trust Pilot. Even before watching a film, many of us will take a quick look at the reviews.

Being cautious is important – so it is somewhat strange that not everyone is as cautious as they could be with one of the most important decisions you might make… picking your financial adviser.


Accreditations allow you to separate the wheat from the chaff

The new Gold Standard guide being compiled by The Pensions Advice Taskforce is one such way you can finally be savvier when it comes to picking your financial adviser.

Created to help you find good defined benefit (DB) transfer advice, the Gold Standard is supported by the Personal Finance Society (PFS) and advisers with the standard will be found on their directory as well as on the Money Advice Service website.


So why now?

After the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) transfer debate, it became more important than ever that those who have invested the time and money into their pensions were able to determine the best providers of pension advice, so if pension transfer becomes an option, individuals know they are getting objective advice. This was a way to give back the power to the people and allow them to make informed decisions about their choice of adviser.


IBC is pleased to be a part of it

IBC recently achieved Pension Transfer Gold Standard status. It is just one of many accreditations we have but most importantly, it is a signpost that allows you to make a more informed decision about whether we are right for you, even before you’ve met our team.

Speaking of which, take a look at the Meet Our Team section of our about page to really discover the people behind the company – and why helping people is one of the biggest motivators for our team.

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