Political change has always and will always have a major affect on financial planning.

But what about the numbers behind the political change?

In this month’s IBC By The Numbers we look at just some of the numbers behind Brexit.

23.6.2016 The date we had the referendum.

51.9% The amount of people that voted to leave.

71.8% The turnout of the referendum which is…

30 million How many people voted.

5% The price gold jumped up in value immediately after the referendum results.

500 How many points the FTSE 100 plunged before the markets opened on the day of the results.

10.12.2018 The date the European Court of Justice ruled Britain could cancel the Article 50 process if parliament voted for it.

29.3.2019 The date we were initially supposed to leave.

585 The number of pages in the withdrawal agreement

1.1.2021 The date the UK would have been allowed to strike its own deals should we have left as planned.

250 billion The amount of capital the bank of England would add to its normal operations after the results.

40 The number of MPs that changed their vote between the first and second meaningful votes.


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